Aspire Aesthetics

Logo and ad design work completed for Lyndsay at Aspire Aesthetics.

Aspire Aesthetics

Logo revamp

Lyndsay Yerger is the owner of Aspire Aesthetics in Palm City, Florida. She came to me looking for some light website help and social media posts. As we progressed, she asked if I might take a stab at redesigning her existing logo. See below for before and afters. We wanted to keep the floral and gradient elements of the old logo, while creating something a bit more mature.

Lyndsay's primary logo icon before the redesign. She liked this, but it didn't translate to many formats and also didn't showcase her brand title.
Lyndsay's redesigned logo for Aspire. Incorporating floral elements in a few areas, and the same gradients she loved from the original branding.

Social posts

Lyndsay also enlisted me for some social posts to boost her Instagram and Facebook. Below are some examples of previous posts.

Brock Zahler
Brock Zahler
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