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Flawless Skin & Aesthetics

Building a bright website for Flawless Skin & Aesthetics, an aesthetic injection spa owned and operated by Daisy Miriello.

Flawless Skin & Aesthetics

Building a Flawless site

Daisy Miriello owns and operates Flawless Skin & Aesthetics, an aesthetic injection spa located in North Carolina. After we met, I designed both her logo and her website. Daisy wanted feminine pinks contrasted by deep indigo blue. I incorporated this into her logo, and was able to translate this to the site in a number of ways. Daisy had a vision for the landing page to reflect whichever season it was, as seen above.

Highlighting Daisy

Putting Daisy's experience and character front and center was easy to do with this color palatte and font combination. The font lends itself to a simple, airy feeling, while the deep blues throughout the website help ground the brand and the content as you look around. I wanted the site to feel fun and summery, which is why I opted for a carefree landing video. I also used the coral color throughout, in order to contrast the dark blues that she has in her scrubs and logo. Using two unique fonts helps to ground the site and create visual hierarchy.

A rotating featured services highlight

What Daisy says

“Starting a new business and not understanding how to launch that business online can be overwhelming! Brock has been a tremendous asset helping us to build a website, as well as teaching us what the business needs to succeed on social media. He is proactive and quick to suggest needed items; his work is timely and always exceeds our expectations. Highly recommend!”
Brock Zahler
Brock Zahler
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