Fresh Face Injections

Misty from Fresh Face needed some digital and print marketing items for her new business.

Fresh Face Injections

Market me!

Misty Paden owns Fresh Face Injections, a boutique aesthetic injection business she started on her own. Our first order of business was to create a logo. Misty already had a slight idea of what she wanted - black and pink and some sort of script for the font. I advised a font pairing with one script matched with something else. The reason is that some scripts don't translate well in print or other marketing materials. The result was the below, which I was able to work into various formats for her social media posts as well. Examples below!

Fresh Face Logo
Event ad for Misty

Print Marketing

I also worked up some great business cards for Misty, as well as a tri-fold flyer for her space.

Fresh Face business card front and back

Fresh Face tri-fold brochure

Brock Zahler
Brock Zahler
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