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Renu U Aesthetics

My first web design project for a small aesthetic injection company based in my hometown.

Renu U Aesthetics

Young, playful, and accessible

These are the words Stephanie used to describe her vision of the website she wanted built. Stephanie is the owner of Renu U Aesthetics, an aesthetic injection and wellness company that she started in 2020. Stephanie wanted a simple and colorful easy-to-use website that showcased her growing aesthetics business and her previous healthcare experience.

White icons and large, clear font choices help make the site feel accessible at any size

As I worked, I discussed with Stephanie the idea of having some moving elements on some of the pages, and the possibility of using some carefully curated stock images and video to humanize the site. As a new business owner, Stephanie didn't immediately have a ton of content for the website, so it's always best to start simple and highlight a few products or services first.

I was able to make use of the few photos Steph had of real clients.

Stock images: do or don't?

Some designers love them, some hate them. For new or small businesses, I think stock photos are one of the simplest ways to liven up a fledgling web presence. The trick is to use them sparingly. Stephanie hadn't yet received many approvals to post photos of real clients, so I made use of a bubbly, moving background (in purple of course!) and some icons for the services page. The main video perfectly encapsulates the feeling that Stephanie wanted as you visited her site: young, playful, and accessible.

Movement on the site was key, which is why airy gradients flowing through each page were used.

What Steph says:

"Brock designed my website and I love it! His prices are extremely reasonable for very professional work! The turnaround was quick and he incorporated everything I asked him to. He took the time to understand my business as well as my audience and the whole experience was personalized to my business. I highly recommend him for your website and branding needs!”
Brock Zahler
Brock Zahler
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