Simply Beautiful Aesthetics

Beth is a super smart, caring small business owner who was looking to grow her business organically with some great marketing.

Simply Beautiful Aesthetics

Beth's new business

Beth Ellis owns Simply Beautiful Aesthetics, an aesthetic injection company looking to help clients achieve their beauty and wellness goals. Beth wanted to start her business off strong, with a great logo and some print marketing to take to events with her. I worked up several versions of the logo you'll see below, and this one seemed to resonate with Beth the most.

With her logo identified, it was time to work on some business cards. I kept it simple with the business card, because script on such a small format is something that can easily look busy.

Beth wanted some flyers to hand out to showcase both her service menu and her referral program. As a new business she wanted to capitalize on word of mouth and advertising any way she could, so in addition to the social posts I created weekly for her, I made the below print materials.

Simply Beautiful referral flyer
Service menu

Brock Zahler
Brock Zahler
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