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Skin Avenue Aesthetics

Helping Lyndsey and her business partner Dallas to create a pink, bright website to showcase their business, Skin Avenue Aesthetics.

Skin Avenue Aesthetics

Bright, pink, feminine

Lyndsey Milligan is a small business owner in Florida and was opening a new aesthetic injection business, Skin Avenue. She solicited my help in designing a basic logo and website that exemplified everything she wanted the business to be about. Lyndsey had tons of input as we crafted her website, and she chose really light pinks and a contrasting black to be the main colors. When I work on a site like this, I always try and come up with a few color swatches to ensure that in the future, we can always remain within the branding we've decided we like.

Sometimes, simple is better

In many web design projects I encounter, things get pretty complex. Skin Avenue was almost the opposite, which comes with its own challenges. When simple is the name of the game, it's hard to fit the information you need into a spot without feeling crowded. I chose some different-looking photo crops for the services highlights and utilized larger spacing between items to make the site feel expansive and welcoming with the light pink backgrounds.

What Lyndsey says:

Brock is such a pleasure to work with! He was able to bring my website and logo ideas to life! He is easy to communicate with and extremely responsive with task/ questions asked. I am so happy with the final site! Highly recommend him for all website needs! Thanks again Brock!
Brock Zahler
Brock Zahler
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