Client Checklist

If you recently purchased services from Brock Zahler Designs, there are a few items that I will need in order to efficiently complete your project.

Getting started

Thank you for your recent purchase! I'm really excited to get started and I know we'll make a great team. This guide was created to help you gather the materials I'll need as I work on your design project. If you're missing some items, no worries. Just let me know.

If you'd prefer to review this checklist face-to-face, schedule a call with me. Otherwise, read on to get prepared!

Business information

Let's start with some information you've likely got memorized.


It's important that you provide the contact information for anyone who you expect to have frequent or consistent communication with me. Most commonly, this means a business partner or associate. If you're solo, or if you'd like to be the sole point of contact, send only your information.

As a general rule of thumb, I prefer to have a contact phone number and email. If you're uncomfortable with texts or calls, please let me know. We can always stick to email and ticketing. If possible, please also provide your time zone. I try to be conscious of when I am sending communications and I'd like to respect your time.

Communication screenshot

Business details

I'll welcome as much information about your business and operations as you can provide me with. In addition to your full business name, a few other things you might include are as follows:

  • operating location(s)
  • what your business offers
  • team members and bios
  • how you got started
  • business accounts or services you use
My Aesthetic Record, a common appointment system used by web clients of Brock Zahler Designs

Providing information like your scheduling system or current design software allows me to better understand your business and jump right in once we're ready.

Login information

In some cases, you may already have a website or design project started by either yourself or a previous designer. If we've agreed to continue work on an existing project, I'll need the login information to begin editing.

If you've elected to start from scratch, or if you don't already have a project started, you'll be provided login details or your own login access wherever necessary. If you feel uncomfortable granting access through your own login, many design platforms and site hosts allow you to invite a designer with their own account. Reach out if you're unsure how to do this.

Squarespace login, a site host option.

Brand identity

Now it's time to establish or build upon your brand identity. Provide as much detail as possible here. Any items you can provide should be added to your storage folder so that we can both access at any time.


You'll want to provide any logos that you already have and would like to continue using. Logos are the first step because they give me an idea of what your brand identity is or should be, and help me shape the rest of the project.

Minx Aesthetics logos designed by Brock Zahler.

If you dislike your current logo, or if we've agreed that I will create one for you, you don't have to include anything for this section. It may be a good idea to include any drafts or scrapped ideas you've had, as they can steer me in the right direction.

As a reminder, items like logos and other static marketing materials should be shared with me via your included storage folder. If you're unsure how to access or use the folder I've created for you, feel free to reach out.

Color schemes

Your brand color scheme will determine my design style and future deliverables. It's important that your brand has a cohesive, beautiful color scheme that translates to socials, websites, and print marketing. If you haven't selected colors yet, we can work to establish a few ideas that align with what you're looking for.

If you've already selected your brand colors, please share them with me in as much detail as you can via the storage folder. If a previous designer created your logo or brand identity, you may have color codes and swatches that can be shared with me. If not, don't worry. I can establish your color codes and create some swatches to add to your folder.


Do you have a font or font pairing that you really love? Odds are, we can keep it in your new design! Please share the fonts with me as OTF or TTF files via the folder and I can help incorporate them. If you're unsure about how to access the font files or you don't have any, reach out.


You may have had professional headshots taken for you and your team, or a photoshoot with clients. Some clients have branded videos or testimonials. These are excellent brand assets that should be shared with me for later use in design projects.

Be sure to add high-quality photo files to your folder, where I can see and download them for your project. If you haven't taken this step yet, don't worry. We can use stock photos for your project, and easily swap them out if and when you get professional photos.

Minx Aesthetics in Missouri - a web design client of Brock Zahler Designs.


It's important to remember that you know more about your business than I do. If you work in a specialized field, such as aesthetic injection, your products and services will likely require some explanation on your website or design project.

Products and Services

If you've been in business a while, you may have some descriptions of products or services you offer in a Google or Word document somewhere. It is helpful if you share this document with me, so that I can use the verbiage on your website or in marketing.

If you're new to your business or dislike your current descriptions, note that I can help to guide you based on what others in your field have created, but I try and stay away from writing product and service descriptions for other business sectors. In other words: you're the expert!

Web design client verbiage shared via Dropbox.

About You

I want to learn about you and your team. How did you get started? What inspired the creation of your business? What is your education background and professional history? Which qualifications should customers know about? These are items that are typically answered in a strong 'About Us' page or section.

You'll want a page like this on your website, but it's also good to have for social media or print marketing projects. If you've got something like this worked up already, please share it via your folder. If not, I can workshop it with you and guide you based on what others in your field have written. Again, this is a section where you'll have more information than I do.

Renu U Aesthetics, a Brock Zahler Designs client website.


As silly as it may sound, it's important to bring a positive attitude to your project! Your input and collaboration are crucial to the success of any design, and it's my promise that I'll always be as respectful, flexible, and honest with you as possible. It's my request that you do the same.

However, if you ever dislike an element I've created, or if you'd like to change design course, please reach out proactively via phone or email with your feedback. I'm confident I can rework it into something you'll love.


Once you've provided as much of this checklist as you can, it's extremely important that you create a profile and take advantage of the Jira ticketing system that I use. This ticketing system will allow you to create, edit, and track requests on your design project. You'll be notified if I need something from you, as well as when the request has been completed. You can get started with Jira here >

Flawless Skin and Aesthetics website, a client of Brock Zahler Designs.


Did that seem like a lot? Don't worry. This checklist is simply a guideline, and I'd never expect you to have or provide every item here. If you're really lost and would like further help, please schedule some time with me to speak.

Since you're here...

Once we've worked together for a bit, I'll solicit your feedback regarding my services and your satisfaction. Rest assured that you may also submit a review at any time here. As always, I greatly appreciate your business, and I can't wait to see what we do together. See you soon!

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