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Eden Aesthetics

Designing a website for an aesthetic injector based in South Dakota and looking to incorporate the garden of Eden into her brand.

Eden Aesthetics

Feminine and earthy, with a store

Jessica wanted Eden Aesthetics, her new aesthetic injection business based in South Dakota, to feel feminine and light, while incorporating the forest that is used to describe the garden of Eden so often. Using Jessica's original logo and some inspiration photos, I mixed and matched a few different preliminary ideas before finally deciding on what you see here. The dark green is balanced by soft pinks and whites: a color combination that you'd not usually think to put together. I think it works well here, and adds to the unique feel of Jessica's brand.

The second half of Jessica's main page for Eden.

I've placed some stock photos carefully throughout the site here as I have with other small business owners just starting out. Luckily, Jessica had some gorgeous photos from a family photoshoot she had done, so I was able to build out pockets to highlight those. I think they add to the earthy feel, and they also go a long way in humanizing the website.

Social grids on websites can help tie the presence together

Social and service highlights

Because I also run Jessica's Instagram and Facebook, I was able to incorporate an Instagram post grid right on her website. Sections like the above can help to tie an online presence together, and can also draw some attention to a new social profile if you're just starting your business and looking for reach.

Services pages can be tricky. A good business owner knows more than the average person will ever need to about their industry. But how, then, do we narrow down the information we have so that it's not overwhelming but still helpful? I think accordion folders are a great solution. I was able to take Eden's nine services and hide the information behind a single click. This ensures visitors will only be reading information they're interested in.

Service menus can still be easy to use!

What Jess says:

“I found Brock via a post on one of the small business pages I follow. What a hidden gem he has been. I have been so blessed to make his acquaintance. Brock has designed my website in record time and incorporated everything I envisioned. He is flexible and will change anything you don't like. He's professional and easy to work with. Brock's prices are fair and worth every cent. I am so pleased with the service that was and is still being provided! I highly recommend Brock for your professional branding and social media needs!"
Brock Zahler
Brock Zahler
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