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Radiant Aesthetics

Designing a website for Radiant Aesthetics, an aesthetic injection spa owned and operated by Melissa Weaver.

Radiant Aesthetics

Redesigning radiance

Melissa Weaver and I met first when she was having business cards designed for her emergining business, Radiant Aesthetics. Melissa was looking for a logo design and something calming and ocean-forward for her brand. A year later, I began designing her new site as she switched providers, and I speak for both of us when I say we are super happy with the results.

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Highlighting Melissa

When you're looking for aesthetic injector, you want to get a feel for how they do business as well as their expertise. With Melissa, she has a lot to offer both in experience and in design aspects, so using some peaceful blues from her logo made it easy to make content stand out. I used something I hadn't before - the ocean view from the home page as the menu bar throughout the site. I think it looks really modern and cohesive, while still being fun and wavy with the page dividers. Melissa's background and experience are on full display, with links to her many services as well as her skincare line and a map to direct clients.

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